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December 10, 2019

1. Need for an international conference of Marxists Leninists Maoists

Various statements and releases from Marxists Leninists Maoists parties and organizations have proclaimed the need to organize a Unified or Joint International Conference of Marxists Leninists Maoists and make it a culmination of the commemoration of the 100th birthday of the Third International, the Communist International.

"The call for a Unified Maoist International Conference is a bold cry of war to overcome the dispersal of the International Communist Movement and unify it on the basis of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, mainly Maoism, the fight against revisionism and at the service of the world proletarian revolution." 1

1 Joint Statement - Dare Fight, Dare Win! May 1, 2019 

“This May Day the real communists call:

– To unity based on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, on the way of the People's War for the development of the world proletarian revolution. A unit that develops mutual aid and cooperation to take common steps in the construction of proletarian parties capable of leading class struggle through the direct experience of proletarians and peoples, towards the development of new democracy and socialists revolutions.

 To action unity in the fundamental aspects of class struggle in both imperialist countries and countries oppressed by imperialism: support for the People's War in India, the Philippines and all countries, Peru, Turkey, etc. – where the way of People´s War takes place at different stages; the defense and release of political prisoners and prisoners of war in the world; the development of the anti-fascist and anti-imperialist front; the unity of classist trade union organizations; the development of the struggle of women and revolutionary proletarian feminist organizations.

To achieve these objectives is that today we need the Joint Marxist-Leninist-Maoist International Conference of MLM parties and organizations, with meetings and intense debate on political and ideological issues and their tasks."2

2 Joint Statement – Red And International May Day! May 1, 2019

It is well known that the process of international unity of the Communists, since the time of the League of Communists and through the experiences of three Internationals, the Moscow Conferences, the Internationalist Revolutionary Movement... is a process of conscious movement that reflects the need imposed by the objective process of the capitalism contradictions, and since the beginning of the 20th century, by the imperialist phase of agony and decay of capitalism in which its contradictions, and especially the global contradictions of imperialism sharpen. Likewise, the international unity of the communists is a process of the conscious movement urged by the needs of the world proletariat and the peoples of the world, that is, social forces of the World Proletarian Revolution.

In the imperialist phase, the decline of the capitalist system in a deciduous, decomposed, predatory system of men and destroyer of nature, has created the material premises of socialism and objective conditions for its defeat and destruction by the World Proletarian Revolution, whose social forces are arranged all over the planet.

The only indispensable condition that today is not ready to fulfill the leading role in the struggle for the transition from society to socialism, is the Marxist Leninist Maoist International Communist Movement, whose crisis situation is characterized by a lack of unity ideological definitions and political tasks, and by a great weakness and dispersion of their forces.

This crisis has remote causes in the divergences about experience of the III International, experience of building socialism, experience of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat, and especially the experience of defeat in China. But the immediate cause of the current crisis is the collapse of the Internationalist Revolutionary Movement.

Then, is very gratifying, that again different parties and organizations agree to recognize the pressing need of the international unity of the Communists and express their willingness to organize a Unified or Joint International Conference of The Marxists Leninist Maoists.

When the internationalist Revolutionary Movement was bankrupt, detonated by prachandist betrayal in Nepal, the need for an International Conference to reorganize a new Marxist Leninist Maoist international center arose. The Communist Workers' Union (mlm) of Colombia at its VII Assembly in June 2007, convinced of the fatal coup inflicted by the revisionist betrayal of the People's War in Nepal to the silent and handcuffed Internationalist Revolutionary Movement, expressed in its Called the Proletariat of all countries and the Marxists Leninist Maoists: "In the organization aspect, the real revolutionary communists must march towards a new International Conference of the Marxists Leninists Maoists. They must therefore deepen their unity, not only by contributing to the development of the general line for their unity in the New International, but also through concrete political acts and joint efforts that contribute to fulfill the common purposes." Similarly, on May 1, 2012, three parties that had been members of the Internationalist Revolutionary Movement, the Communist Party (Maoist) of Afghanistan, the Communist Party of India (ML) [Naxalbari] and the Maoist Communist Party of Italy, proposed "the convening of an International Conference to revive and reorganize an international organization."

None of these calls echoed the movement. Obviously the minimum conditions were not given, and not so much because of the difficulties involved in the material organization of an International Conference, but above all, because the ideological and political general demarcation was not clear and unified with regard to the revisionist who, in addition to undermining the basics of the Internationalist Revolutionary Movement, contaminated other parties with opportunistic ideas; revisionist line delineated by the "Prachanda Way" of the PCN(M) and then developed by the PCR-EU where was the deep post-MLM revisionist strain, made public in the avakianist formulation of the "New Synthesis of Communism": “…But he has also deeply analyzed the mistakes, and the shortcomings in conception and method that led to those mistakes. And on that basis, he’s forged a coherent, comprehensive and overarching theoretical framework—that is, a synthesis. While this definitely comes out of and builds on what has gone before, this advance has also involved real ruptures with the past understanding and experience as a crucial element, which is why we call it the new synthesis”. 3

3 WHAT IS BOB AVAKIAN’S NEW SYNTHESIS? Part I: “Humanity Needs Revolution and Communism”

2. General demarcation whit the avakianist revisionism

After deep discussions on the continuity or defeat of the Internationalist Revolutionary Movement, it was generally accepted among Marxists Leninists Maoist the acknowledge their bankruptcy and dissolution because of the revisionist line of Prachanda and Avakian who declared insufficient the Marxism Leninism Maoism theory to solve problems of revolution in the 21st century. The controversies against centrist faltering ideas that were unaware of the umbilical relationship between the "Prachanda Way" and the "New Avakian Synthesis" helped to broaden the horizon of lines struggle, concentrating the direction of the main coup in unmasking the revisionist nature of avakianism.

Some former members Parties of the Internationalist Revolutionary Movement, some organizations and Parties that were not an organic part of that movement, despite its dispersion, resolutely fought the revisionist ideological and political content of avakianism 4, showing that the so-called "New Synthesis of Communism" is just a new form of old revisionism, a dangerous form as it arises inside of the Marxists Leninists Maoists introducing itself as a defense and overcoming of Marxism Leninism Maoism, a new form of revisionism that revives the classic ploy of all opportunism about the changes of the target world: lift up "new" developments of Marxism as a screen to declare insubsistent the fundamental principles of Marxism, exploit the mistakes that inevitably be made in the revolutionary process to declare a break with previous experience, theory and method, which means giving up the teachings of historical experience, the theory of word proletarian revolution and the dialectical materialistic method to solve the practical problems of the proletarian revolution.

4 Such as: “Against Avakianism” – Ajith, Secretary of the PC of India (Marxist- Leninist) NAXALBARI - July 2013; “Our position on the new line of the Revolutionary Communist Party in its Manifesto and Constitution” – CC of the PC of Afghanistan (Maoist) - 21 August 2009; “On the occasion of the CLXV anniversary of the Communist Manifesto” – New Democracy Association Germany – February 2013; “A theory in search of a theory: in post-Maoist drift “– Tomas M., Arsenal Magazine 9 PCR Canada – September 2017; “The "New Synthesis" of Avakian, Crutch of Prachandist Revisionism” – Communist Workers' Union (mlm) Colombia - Denial Of Denial Magazine No. 4 – September 2009...

Although dispersed and disorganized it has been a brave lines struggle of the communists to contribute to the general demarcation between revolutionary Marxism and the avakianist rightwing opportunism, reaffirming that Marxism Leninism Maoism—without any attachment or "new" development—is the scientific ideology of the proletariat to lead revolution to victory; reaffirming that the so-called unbeaten and hegemonic U.S. imperialism is part of the upper and final imperialist phase of capitalism, it is capitalism in agony whose inevitable crises bring to the surface its inconsistency with the existence of society, decaying capitalism after which, follows only the World Proletarian Revolution and Socialism ; reaffirming the objective existence of the world working class and the validity of its avant-garde historical mission in revolution to emancipate itself and emancipate humanity; reaffirming that against the proclamation of concertation and multiparty democracy in the new State to harmonize coexistence between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, the historical need for the total defeat of the power of the bourgeoisie, the demolition of its state apparatus to give way to a new class dictatorship State, which is none other than the Dictatorship of the Proletariat and under it the continuation of the revolution; opposing gainst any idea of peaceful parliamentary transition, whit class struggle theory, the class character of every State, the need for the political party of the proletariat, the violent revolution, the exercise of revolutionary violence to destroy the political power of the reactionaries and build the new revolutionary political power of workers and peasants, even in semi-feudal and semi-colonial countries where the State of New Democracy is a form of the Dictatorship State of the Proletariat.

Lines struggle against avakianist revisionism has been wage with varying degrees of development in the heat of class struggle in different countries, but with the common purposes of preventing the acceptance of the new revisionist line as a general line of the International Communist Movement, of building or rebuilding Marxist Leninist Maoist Parties that may contribute to solving the need for a new international organization , to bring the ideas of socialism to the labor and mass movement, to isolate opportunistic direction in the trade union and mass movement, to lead the immediate struggle of the working masses, to raise their political conscience and to channel their spontaneous impetus towards the revolutionary political struggle , to the superior form of political struggle, armed struggle in the form of popular war , war of the ample people masses.

Despite the dispersion in the fight against avakianist revisionism, he was expressly denounced in Joint Declarations of Marxist Leninist Maoist parties 5 and organizations , in theoretical documents and was generally declared the current main danger to the unity of the International Communist Movement, ideological and political defeat that finished with the claim of exalt the "New Synthesis of Communism" as a General Line of the International Communist Movement. Only a minority fraction of organizations and intellectuals supported the betrayal led by the PCR-US and its prophet Avakian.

5 The international unity of the communists demands the defeat of avakianist revisionism, centristism and all forms of revisionism! Joint Declaration of 26 December 2012.

The nefarious role of avakianist revisionism in the Internationalist Revolutionary Movement does not deny and cannot overshadow the merits of this movement, which, together with its mistakes and limitations, are recognized by Marxists Leninists Maoists as part of the acquis historical experience in the struggle for the unity and international organization of the communists, which today is the struggle to build a new Communist International based on The Marxism Leninism Maoism.

Thus, the combat of the Maoist Leninist Marxists against the new revisionist form that emerged in the Internationalist Revolutionary Movement, in fact forged among its ranks a common basis of unity: in defense of the fundamental principles of Marxism Leninism Maoism; in defense of the historical experience of the proletarian revolution, the Dictatorship of the Proletariat and the Construction of Socialism; in defense of the historic role of the Third International and Comrade Stalin as a teacher of the world's proletariat; in defense of the recognition that the changes in the imperialist world of the 21st century do not disrupt the transient historical place of imperialism as a anteroom of socialism; in defense of the historical existence and mission of the world proletariat and in reaffirming the fundamental political tasks of the World Proletarian Revolution in imperialist countries and oppressed countries, the only social and political force capable of defeating the imperialism and the reactionary classes using as a means the revolutionary violence of the masses, the people's war of the broad masses.

A common basis of unity like this allows the Marxists Leninists Maoists to collectively delineate the demarcation in relation to avakianist revisionism, to build a new ideological and political center, to address the main divergences within themselves and to move as a single man towards the construction of the new Communist International based on the Marxism Leninism Maoism. This is the importance of succeeding in the immediate challenge: the organization of a Unified or Joint International Conference of Marxists Leninists Maoists.

3. The question of method in the struggle for the Unity of the Marxists Leninists Maoists

Recognition of the need for the International Unity of The Marxists Leninists Maoists is magnificent. But this must be a Unit supported in the uncompromising defense of the principles of Marxism Leninism Maoism—the same principles that the avakianist revisionism has declared insubstants—in the general delimitation of fields with the opportunistic theories that distort and mellow the revolutionary edge of Marxism Leninism Maoism, in the truth of the concrete analysis of the world's concrete situation in the light of the principles, and in the political tasks to transform the situation into the perspective of the triumph of the World Proletarian Revolution. It is certainly a huge demand of an inescapable nature when it talks to a Unified or Joint International Conference of Marxists Leninists Maoists. But, in the words of Chairman Mao: “Nothing is impossible for those who dare to climb the heights”.

Far from being a clear road, the struggle for communist unity is a convoluted process, where given their complexity two main deviations tend to occur. One, the unificationism, inspired by the despair small-bourgeois that shuns the delineating of fields, in fact, is inclined to accept coexistence with opportunistic tendencies, and in this sense is akin to centrism that loses sight of the depth of communist obligations in the spontaneous movement to ensure their advancement in awareness, organization and political struggle in the perspective of the World Proletarian Revolution, obligations impossible to fulfill without a firm and strong unity of the communists based on a clear and deep demarcation with regard to opportunistic theories. The unificationism can only achieve a superficial, formal, artificial unity that will break easily in the face of any onslaught of the opportunism or the class enemy and is useless in building the necessary unity of organization of a Unified or Joint International Conference of Marxists Leninists Maoists.

The other deviation in the struggle for the unity of the communists is sectarianism, also typical of the small-bourgeois conception of the mass movement as a movement of sheep unable to understand and be elevated to the consciousness of the Party's ideological and political line.Sectarianism leads to other communists seeing class enemies and arrant revisionists; while sometimes ending supporting those yes, real enemies of the people, as it was recently seen in front of the rearmed bosses of the Farc. Sectarianism tends to arbitrarily break the party's relationship with the working class, of the communist movement with the mass movement, since the sectarian considers himself the only communist movement; sectarism leads to go ahead of the movement, not a step but very separate, trying to carry out the "ultra-revolutionary" tasks that dictate their desires, although these do not correspond to the true character of society or to the state of consciousness and organization of the masses. Sectarianism is akin to "leftism" and as such, if by prevailing itself will turn the unity of the communists into the unity of one more sect; it will shy away from the correct treatment as contradictions within the people of the real divergences between Marxists Leninists Maoists, creating an artificial division incompatible with the need and purposes of a Unified or Joint International Conference of Marxists Leninists Maoists. "Sectarians, -Engels said- most inveterated and the worst intriguing and adventurous are the ones who at certain times more noise around unity" 6

6 Engels letter to Augusto Bebel in Hubertusburg-London. June 20, 1973.

The emergence of contradictions within the Parties and within the International Communist Movement is a necessary phenomenon because the development of every process is contradictory, because communist organizations develop in a class society where ideas of other classes reflect and threaten to undermine or pervert the proletarian line, because the reality of the global and national situation of the different countries is in constant movement which in itself causes contradictions in the process of knowledge of the communists, even changes in the forms of some phenomena of the imperialist phase become grounds for questioning and declaring the Marxist principles of proletarian theory like insubstantial, as did Bernstein, Kautsky, Jhruschov, Prachanda and Avakian.

The unscathed-line monolithic party theory, without lines-struggle, is Hoxhist ideological trash with no correspondence with reality. The inescapable contradictions within communist organizations are manifested in a struggle of lines corresponding to the struggle between the two conceptions of the world, the bourgeois and the proletaria. It is materialistic to recognize those contradiccions and it dialectical to give them the correct treatment.

“The existence of contradictions is recognized and investigated precisely to combat those manifestations strange to Marxism that arise within the party and not to indulge in them and to accept them as inevitable; to oppose the pole of contradiction represented by bourgeois influences, the pole of the revolutionary line. Refusing to acknowledge the contradictory development of the proletarian party (as any process); establishing a line without educating the militants in the fight against the objections and obstacles that the bourgeoisie raises against it, allows it to take the initiative and undermine the conscience of the militants, without finding a concrete answer to the arguments and intrigues whit which fights the marxist line” 7

7 Lines struggle into the Party, Analysis of Revolutionary Communist Party of Chile. July 1979

It is not enough to accept the existence of contradictions within the Parties and the International Communist Movement. It is also necessary to draw a dividing line, to differentiate the contradictions between communists, between comrades, within the people, manifests as divergences in the face of errors and deviations by the influence of bourgeois ideas or theories of small-bourgeois parties, in the heads and militants or in proletarian parties in the case of the International Communist Movement, all of which do not renounce or deny the basis of unity and identity with the class interests of the proletariat; and contradictions with the enemy flagged by an open and consciously bourgeois, opportunistic, anti-Marxist, anti-proletarian, anti-party line. They are contradictions of different nature that require other methods for resolve them.

“With the firsts must need fight and criticize them to they overcome their mistakes, while joining them as they are wrong honest elements, to re-educate them and help them overcome their mistakes. In the second case, we unmask them through ideological struggle, expel them from the Party and punish them based on their crimes against the revolution. The problem of differentiate them each other in practice is a complex problem. Because those who are honest and have fallen into mistakes believe (until criticism and education proves them otherwise) to be right and often vehemently express their views.

Fractionalists, on the other hand, aware of their counter-revolutionary work, conceal their intentions and act in many respects in secret. There is, therefore, a danger of treating enemies as wrong people and the honest militants who have been mistakenly misled as enemies, for the benefit of the latter. This differentiation is particularly difficult, when ambushed enemies occupy a high rank in the party ranks and use the authority that gives them that rank, to camouflage themselves and induce militants to erroneous positions. Only one Party strengthened in lines struggle, in the right way to resolve contradictions within the party, within the people and with the enemies can solve this complex problem in a successful way. Hence the importance that Mao Tse-tung gave, in the training of the party to resolve these contradictions, on the one hand, to the study of Marxist-Leninist principles; and, on the other hand, to the need for all militants to be formed through active participation in the fight against the various manifestations of the bourgeois line, to exercise criticism and self-criticism and to dare to "fight the tide". Because of that he was opposed to leaders 'resolving' these kinds of problems bureaucraticly through a mechanical opinion and from on high, about those who are wrong or be enemies, without wide debate in which militants, led by those who defend the right position, can differ for themselves between enemies and wrong comrades, and reaffirm their revolutionary positions or free themselves if they have been influenced by misconceptions. In each fight, it is more important for the militants to learn for themselves to discern between right and wrong and between comrades and infiltrated enemies, than to acquire a blind faith in the infallibility of their leaders to settle these kinds of problems and determine who is Marxist or anti-Marxist” 8

8 Idem

In the case of contradictions within the people, between communists, developing the lines struggle requires the use of a correct method and a communist attitude. For method warns Chairman Mao:"Ideological problems and controversies within the people can only be solved by using democratic methods — discussion, criticism, persuasion and education — and under no circumstances by resorting to coercive or repressive methods" 9, in a nutshell by the unity-fighting-UNIT method, that is, on the basis of existing unity, to criticize and fight to achieve a greater degree of unity , a new unity on a new basis of the Marxist line, of the proletarian line, making a common cause of all communists of the Party or the International Communist Movement, based from rejection of misconceptions and non-Marxist ideas, . And the communist attitude of sincerely fighting for unity not for division, an attitude emphasized by President Mao: "In this it’s necessary first from the desire for unity. If there is no subjective desire, it is inevitable that the struggle will lead to a confusion that is difficult to control. Wouldn't this amount to of 'ruthless struggle and relentless blows'?" 10 , referring to the incorrect method of resolving contradictions, defended and applied strictly by the dogmatic "leftists" in the Communist Party of China.

9 About correct treatment of contradictions whitin the People -Mao Tse Tung

10 Idem

At present, on the basis of unity conquered in general demarcation with avakianist revisionism, there are contradictions, divergences, discrepancies, between Marxists Leninists Maoists, highlighting different nuances that divide the International Communist Movement not only in terms of the dispersion of their parties and organizations without a only centre of international leadership, also it is mainly in terms of the absence of a single General Line and a single international political struggle program. This objective reality of the International Communist Movement has been called by the Communist Workers' Union (mlm), like ideological confusion, political impotence and organizational dispersion.

There are divergences with regard to the judgement of historical experience, that in the case of the III International on the basis of unity of defending its leading role of the International Communist Movement and the global proletariat, there persist discrepancies in the face of the orientations of the VII Congress and the causes of its dissolution, that although the Internationalist Revolutionary Movement in its 1984 Declaration had partly set out to investigate and resolve, he did not succeed; that on the basis of unity of accepting that the continuation of the revolution under the Dictatorship of the Proletariat in the Great Cultural Revolution of China was the greatest historical advance in this need for the transition between capitalism and communism, there are discrepancies about the root causes of defeat in Russia and China; that in the face of the experience of the Internationalist Revolutionary Movement on the basis of unity to recognize him the merit that his training "was a theoretical and practical positive international effort, which responded to the ideological, political and organizational demands and needs of the international communist movement in the circumstances of a period defined by the crisis that had sunk the communist movement after the defeat of the Chinese revolution." 11 fighting against the current of the anti-communist offensive of imperialism and global reaction, championing in an environment of claudication and defeating the validity of the World Proletarian Revolution, defending the interests of the working class and its highest development ideology (the Marxism Leninism Maoism) overtly announced in the 1993 Declaration, calling for the struggle in opposition to the claudication , pacifism and revisionism, defending the right of the oppressed to rebellion, people's war and revolution, acting as an international ideological and political center for Marxists Leninists Maoists and for the world proletariat who in different countries was able to rebuild or strengthen their avant-garde party... on this basis of unity and the recognition that the Internationalist Revolutionary Movement was finally defeated by a revisionist line imposed on its Committee, there are discrepancies about the causes and circumstances in which the revisionist line of Prachanda and Avakian emerge, for which comrades in the 2012 Resolution say that:

11 Resolution #2 – Special meeting of IRM’s Parties for a International MLM Parties and Organizations Conference- May 1, 2012, signed by Communist Party of Afghanistan (maoist), Communist Party of India (M-L)[Naxalbari], Communist Maoist Party of Italia. 

*“Hegemonic tendencies in the work that denied the collectivity that meant the IRM, was deeply undermined their unit, made it difficult to incorporate more m-l-m parties and, in this way, blocked the realization of the tasks that had marked itself” * 12

12 Idem

While comrades defenders of called “Gonzalo thought” say that:

“While the IRM was correctly characterized by chairman Gonzalo as a 'step forward', he also pointed out, with the precision that is his own, that 'as long as a just and correct ideological-political line is followed'; will be a step forward, and so the IRM served to unite the communists on the basis of the red line, and this could be none other than that of chairman Gonzalo. In other words, the main thing about the IRM evaluation is to note that it served the global proletarian revolution – in particular the task of fighting for the reunification of the communists, while serving the struggle to put Maoism as their only command and guide, that is, to the struggle led by chairman Gonzalo, and stopped playing a positive role , when the revisionists of the "CRP" of the United States, taking advantage of the problematic situation of the left by the turn in the people's war in Peru, went on to hegemonize it completely”. 13

13 Joint Declaration of September 24, 2018

For our part, we highlighted an error in the way we applied the method of lines struggle, given the exhaustion of internal procedures and consultations (struggle documents against demonstrations and ideas that would later take shape in the revisionist line of Prachanda and Avakian still are internal) and once the antagonistic character between the Marxist line and the new revisionist line is revealed, the public discussion of the divergences was necessary, the absence of which favored the relative free development of revisionist theories within the movement and disarmed the Marxists Leninists Maoists inside and outside to concentrate the fight against the new oportunist enemy camouflaged in an alleged defense of Marxism Leninism Maoism. Such was the position of the Chinese comrades regarding the controversy with the Jhruschovist revisionism: "The essence of the issue is that the current divergences in the international communist movement are between Marxism-Leninism and revisionism and between proletarian internationalism and high-powered chauvinism. The cessation of public discussion will not lead to a definitive solution to these important divergences of principle. On the contrary, it is only in the course of public discussion by exposing facts and arguments that it is possible to clarify the truth, distinguish just or the wrong, and defend and strengthen the unity of the international communist movement on the basis of Marxism-Leninism and proletarian internationalism”. 14

14 Commentary about Open Letter from Central Commite to SUCP(VII). By Renmin Ribao redaction and the Hongqi magazine redaction. (February 4, 1964)

There are contradictions, divergences, discrepancies, between Marxists Leninists Maoists, caused by the new pseudo-MLM forms of old opportunistic theories, where non-Marxist ideas or theories, mainly typical of avakianist revisionism, polluted other parties and organizations for their coexistence within the Internationalist Revolutionary Movement, because of the closeness or sympathy of other parties and organizations given the prestige gained by that movement and under which the revisionist line worked. Such non-Marxist ideas or theories received without criticism by other parties and organizations have to do mainly with the laws of dialectic, more accurately, the abjuring of denial of denial, a law that in determining the direction of the movement is unacceptable for avakianist revisionism given its rejection of Marxist determinism; and with the exaltation and worship of the infallible leadership role of the chiefs above the collective leadership of party organisms forgetting that "Strengthening collective leadership is an important precondition for the implementation of democratic centralism in the Party; important guarantee for the establishment of centralized leadership of the Party. Party committees at all levels are bodies that exercise centralized leadership. However, the party leadership is a collective direction and does not come from arbitrary decisions by individuals. Only through the thorough implementation of the system of collective leadership will we can practice the democratic centralism correctly in the Party, and the Party committees will be able to play their full role as leadership centers in the proper realization of all tasks. [...] Chairman Mao said: 'The Party committee system is an important party institution that guarantees collective leadership and prevents a single person from monopolizing the management of affairs’”. 15

15 Properly to manage the relationship between collective direction and individual responsibility" article in a book published in 1974 by the Shanghai People's Publisher.

There are contradictions, divergences, discrepancies, among Marxists Leninists Maoists, also caused from outside of Marxism, by Guevarist ideas and theories that have influenced the distortion of Marxists Leninist Marxist positions such as "power is born of the rifle" and "the party leads the rifle", unilaterally highlighting the power of arms over the power of the armed masses guided by a revolutionary line , which has led to recognition of revolutionary character or silence in the face of certain armed struggles against imperialism led by reactionary lines, against-revolutionaries, not liberating but oppressive of the masses, in the case of Muslim religious fundamentalists; even punch out the party's character as a quintessential political leader, with the theory of its militarization, so the political would be objectively dominated and subjected to the military power of arms in its ranks.

There are contradictions, divergences, discrepancies, between The Marxists Leninists Maoists, caused by the tendency to turn old formulations of the real process into unquestionable dogmas, in contravention of the process of dialectical materialistic knowledge that requires recognizing the movement of matter, seeking truth in the facts and concrete analysis of the concrete situation.

In recent decades of imperialist decay, without changing the fundamental characteristics of the capitalist-imperialist system, phenomenal changes have occurred as is the application of the digital revolution to production, thus the dizzying increase in the constant capital invested in the automation of production and the accelerated reduction in variable capital, has dramatically increased the organic composition of capital , has accelerated the trend of declining profit share, has strengthened the anarchic overproduction of material goods inaccessible to the masses, the material basis of the capitalist, global, deep, extensive crisis as seen in the crisis that began in 2008. The imperialists seek to counter this trend by increasing super-exploitation and oppression in their own countries and in oppressed countries in complicity with their local and flunkey ruling classes (reforms ordered by the OECD, IMF, WB), crushing the natural riches, unleashing, sponsoring and financing reactionary wars for oil and other mineral wealth, all of which stimulates other world change, the distribution of the population concentrated mainly in cities in compliance with the population law of capitalism, driven by the migrations of millions of proletarians thrown into the stream of unemployment and misery, the depopulation of field caused in countries oppressed by development in the field in the capitalist way and their social relations of production -super-exploitation of poor agricultural workers and peasants- and the displacement by reactionary wars of peasants stripped of their land , rural settlers and refugees.

All this necessarily affects the character of society and the disposition of social forces in oppressed countries, some of which are no longer properly semi-feudals but oppressed capitalists; economic changes in the social structure that lead to changes in the program and strategy of the revolution. The divergences arising from these objective changes were outlined as early as 1984 in the Declaration of the Internationalist Revolutionary Movement and today remain a source of disagreement among Marxists Leninists Maoists.

Same happens with the weight and importance of the world proletariat in the correlation of the world contradictions of imperialism, a small-time issue for the dogmatic trend outlined above, to the detriment of its significance for the strategic readiness of revolutionary forces in the world and in each country, and for the tactical plans of communists under the fire of class struggle , whose global exacerbation is evident in the uprisings and rebellions of workers in not a few cities in oppressed countries and imperialist metropolises.

Another contradiction is that caused by that dogmatic tendency opposed to recognizing that the society of an imperialist country today has a very different character from what Chinese society was during the New Democracy revolution, and therefore the popular war proletariat's strategy for take power is different of the prolonged people's war in China or in semi-feudal oppressed countries.

Even more serious than avoiding these divergences in the face of knowledge of the objective reality of world society, is the unhealthy, non-proletarian attitude of judge them like "maneuvers" of imperialism and reaction.

4. Working for a Single Unified or Joint International Conference of Marxist-Leninists-Maoists

Twelve years ago, in June 2007, the Seventh (VII) Assembly of the Communist Workers' Union (mlm) in its Call to the Proletariat of All Countries and Marxist-Leninists Maoists, stated:

"The phenomena of the world situation, which everyday erupt to the surface of society, confirm that the end of imperialism is near because its internal contradictions indicate it, because all the material conditions for revolution have matured in the world and world society has become ready for the expropriation of the expropriators. Yet, despite the fact that all objective forces and trends are in favor of revolution, there is a gap between a world that is ripe for revolution and a conscious communist element that is weak and scattered. It is not enough to increase the living conditions that are unbearable for society; the international subjective conditions -ideological, political and organizational- are also indispensable for the social forces that make and lead the revolution”.

Today, in the midst of the devastating consequences of the deepest economic crisis of world capitalism, our statement remains more than true and much more pressing is the international unity of communists, no longer only because of their obligation to lead the objective social forces of the World Proletarian Revolution which themselves are rebelling massively in imperialist countries and oppressed countries against the strangulation they are being subjected to by the world imperialist system of oppression and exploitation, but because of the immediate danger of humanity being sacrificed on the imperialist altar of profit and world war, since the world contradictions of imperialism are exacerbated, including the inter-imperialist and inter-monopoly contradiction and the contradiction of society with nature, which is ravaged by the frantic need of capitalism to prolong its artificial existence.

Such a situation is an objective force that compels Marxist-Leninist-Maoist communists, who are committed to the emancipation of the proletariat and humanity, to put aside their non-fundamental differences for the sake of an immediate fundamental demarcation with opportunism, which will make it possible to solve the great problem of their international unity, today in a Unified or Joint International Conference, as a basis for advancing towards the demarcation of the whole line with opportunism and towards unity in a new Communist International based on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

In these conditions, as was said at the beginning, it is magnificent that different groups and organizations recognize the urgent need for the international unity of the communists and express their willingness to organize a Unified or Joint International Conference of Marxists Leninists Maoists.

However, there is no such thing as a unified convocation, and when one speaks of the Unified or Joint International Conference of Marxists Leninists Maoists, it cannot be accepted that its content is conditioned on the prior acceptance of positions of a certain nuance, which is inconsistent with its broad character, This is in keeping with the joint, unified nature of the Conference and with the urgent need for international unity imposed by objective processes, where the aim is to lay a fundamental basis of unity for the Marxist-Leninists-Maoists who have dissociated themselves from Avakianist revisionism, The basis of fundamental unity that exists, otherwise it would be mere unificationism, allowing them to unite ideologically, politically and organizationally on an international level, and on that basis of fundamental unity to create conditions for weighing up the discrepancies, verifying their true depth and resolving them by treating them as contradictions within the people, reducing the nuances and struggling together to advance in the construction of a new International. On the way to imposing the positions of a certain nuance as the basis of unity, it will not be one, but two or more Conferences that will sacrifice the unifying, broad, joint character at the stake of sectarianism and the artificial antagonistic division of the Marxists Leninists Maoists. Successful is the position of Comrade Miguel Alonso 16 when he says: "There is still much to be discussed, but we believe, as a necessary first step, the coordination of the maximum number of m-l-m organizations in an international body based on m-l-m mainly Maoism that can address these issues and others in which there are diverse positions”.17

16 From Dazibao Rojo Blog

17 The III international and its limits

The fact that there is a fundamental basis of unity among Marxists Leninists Maoists who have broken away from Avakianist revisionism does not mean that there is no lines struggle against incorrect, non-proletarian, non-Marxist ideas that mainly determine the differentiation of nuances. Such a division is objective, not artificial, treatable on the fundamental basis of unity with the method of Unity - Struggle - UNITY.

It is in this context that the comrades of Maoist Road have called a Preparatory Meeting, which, as its name implies, should serve to prepare and fight for a single Unified or Joint International Conference of Marxists Leninists Maoists. In this spirit and over and above the differences of opinion that we have supported it without hesitation.

Its central Declaration must be in essence a fervent and sincere appeal to the Marxists Leninists Maoists of the world, presenting them with the proposal of a fundamental basis of unity, which without any conciliation or shamefulness with principles, allows and obliges them to put aside any sectarian spirit in the face of the immense responsibilities that the accelerated march of the objective process of class struggle places on the shoulders of the best sons and daughters of the world proletariat, where not only the interests of the working class but the very future of humanity are at stake.

Another Declaration should be aimed at supporting, whatever the state of development and organization, the struggle of the proletarians and peoples of the world against imperialism and the reactionary classes, pointing to the bright perspective of the World Proletarian Revolution, highlighting the recent heroic battles of the spontaneous mass movement and the vanguard struggles led by the communists where the people's wars are especially prominent.

Fighting for a single unified or joint international conference of Marxists Leninists Maoists is not a willful desire. It is an obligation imposed by the unprecedented damage that the frenzy of imperialist profit has caused to society and to some degree irreversible damage to nature; it is an obligation demanded of communists by the present objective situation of the class struggle, where the powerlessness of the scattered communists leaves the hands free for opportunism and reformism to divert the mass movement from its revolutionary path and perspective.

In such a situation, a Unified or Joint International Conference of Marxists Leninists Maoists can no longer build its unity on the basis of a demarcation from opportunism along the General Line, but it can set tasks for resolving differences and advancing in that demarcation, relying on the adoption of a single Platform of Unity that expresses unity

A Platform of Unity in the ideological field, which will make it possible to formulate and approve a single international Program of Struggle that includes the immediate and future political tasks of the world proletariat and the peoples of the world, the protagonists of the two historic currents of the World Proletarian Revolution; and finally, on the basis of this unity, to organize a single international Leadership Center to resolve the immediate orientation, both for the successful development of the line struggle among the Marxists Leninists Maoists and their unification in each country, and for their internationalist political activity at the head of the masses.

The objective conditions in the world are excellent for revolution and call for the international unity of communists, a question that only communists can consciously solve by subordinating their group interests to the interests of the World Proletarian Revolution.


Commission for Theoretical Struggle

Communist Workers' Union (mlm)

December 2019

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